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L.A. Toro Zoysia


Warm-seasoned grass with a wide, medium green color, blade. It is drought tolerant, has a slow growth rate, and overall very easy to maintain- although, the soil must drain well. LA Toro is excellent for heavy traffic and does very well in full sun or shade. It can also withstand salt or brackish water. Ranked #1 by University of Georgia for durability compared to other Zoysia grasses.

Recommended Usage

Hot, humid and tropical climates, also hot and arid regions – can withstand very heavy usage- recommended for residential and commercial sites.

Temperature Tolerance

Tolerates heat exceptionally well- subject to winter dormancy, but has the best overall cold tolerance of any warm-season turf grass.

Drought Tolerance

Moderate- remains green and resists short periods of drought- takes both heat and drought as well or better than any other grass.

Shade tolerance

Tolerates full sun or shade. Does better in shade than St. Augustine.

Wear resistance 

Excellent- exceptionally hardy, has best wear resistance of any grass- tolerates heavy traffic- new varieties have faster growth, recovering more rapidly from severe injury.

Water needs

Low to medium – water deeply, at least 1 inch per application, every 5-7 days in hot, dry weather.

Mowing and hatching

Slow growth rate reduces mowing frequency- mow at 3/4 to 2 inches with a reel or rotary mower. This is one of the few warm-season grasses that is manageable with a rotary mower. Clippings of Zoysia grass contribute to thatch build-up and should be removed- periodic vertical mowing is needed to control thatch accumulation.

Soil and Fertilizer Needs After Last Frost

Tolerates high salinity and infertile soil relatively well – very low fertilizer requirements. Recommend 5-7 lbs of 16-4-8 or 14-4-14 (which slow release nitrogen) per 1,000 sq. ft. every other month.

Disease, weed, insect control

Resistant to serious turf diseases- has good insect resistance. Dense turf produced by zoysia grass prevents most weeds from appearing. If needed, use Weed B Gone or anything labeled Zoysia, follow directions on package.