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Fertilizing Zoysia

To keep your Zoysia grass healthy you’ll need high soil quality. Using a fertilizer for your lawn is the best way to do so. But first, let’s talk about the differences between liquid fertilizer and granular fertilizers.


Grandular Fertilizer vs liquid

While the essential nutrients in liquid lawn fertilizer are the same compared to granular fertilizer, there is one specific feature that makes the way they deliver nutrients differently. Liquid lawn fertilizer gives a quick-release of nutrients for immediate results, while granular fertilizer has a slow-release, is cost-effective for larger properties, and will feed your lawn throughout the growing season. 

We recommend using 16-8-4 or 14-4-14


Always follow the instructions on the back of the fertilizer packaging. 


When using granular

Lightly water your grass before you spread the fertilizer and lightly water after. Be careful not to overwater, or you will risk washing out the fertilizer and burning your lawn where ever it runs off.

After the initial post-fertilizer watering, avoid watering the grass for at least two to three days, so the nutrients can work their way into the soil.

When using liquid fertilizer

Make sure you have a hose end sprayer. Some liquid lawn fertilizers will come with one, but if not you can find one at any hardware store.

Try to fertilize early in the morning to give the grass time to dry before sundown. After fertilizing, do not water your grass for 3-4 days or as directed.


Always follow the directions on the back of your choice fertilizer