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We serve homeowners and landscapers
freshly harvested sod straight from the farm to your door

From The Farm to your door


Need your sod delivered? No problem! We work closely with the trucking companies to make sure your load is delivered on time.

Pick up

You can pick up your sod from the field if you are in the area with your trailer hooked up and ready to go! Just give us a call at least a day before your project date and the guys will have your order fresh cut and ready to load up.

Fresh cut

You call it in, we fire up the harvester. That’s as fresh as it gets! Give us a call and we will get you scheduled in!

Our Farm

Salzmann Farms is family owned and operated by Zack Salzmann of Elberta, Alabama.  We have been providing contractors, landscapers, and homeowners quality sod since 1980. We are always happy to deliver your grass straight to your job site and unload it for you.

We will also help you load the grass on your truck or trailer if you choose to pick it up straight from the farm. We will do whatever it takes to make sure your job runs smoothly.

Sod Selection

LA Toro zoysia

LA Toro is designed to be resistant to droughts, fungus, and insects. It is a warm season grass with a dark green appearance. It can withstand heavy foot traffic and is also very shade tolerant. Highly recommended for lawns that are heavily shaded.


Centipede is the go-to sod for a low maintenance lawn. Although it does not handle heavy foot traffic well and slower to grow, it is the easiest to maintain, does not need to be fertilized, is extremely tolerant of heat and droughts. Not recommended for heavily shaded lawns.


Bermuda is a warm season grass with a fine, dark green blade. It is not as tolerant to droughts and should be watered during dry spells. It can withstand heavy traffic and grows best in full sun.

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